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It presents information related to the speed variation during the operation carried out in the selected period.
This map is primarily intended to present the machine speed, which influences the spray performance. If the agrochemical was intended to be sprayed at 10 km/h, but it is carried out at 20 km/h it will be less effective.
The speed map geometry is displayed as tracks.
It is considered only the points at which the machine was actually in operation.
The parameter used to connect each point is currently 70 seconds (1 minute and 10 seconds). If the time between one point and another exceeds 70 seconds, these points will not be connected and it will be considered as a stoppage.

Available information in Legend
Area - displays the areas delimitations (field plot, sector, farm) registered in system.
- Area [hectare].

- Range [km/h] - range (5 ranges) of speed during the spraying process;
- Duration [h: min: sec] - time spent along the route;
- Percentage [%] - percentage of time spent on each range.


Available information in Report
- Total area [hectare].

- Total duration [h: min: sec] - total time spent during the spraying process;
- Total traveled distance [km];
- Average speed [km/h]; 

- Average speed per machine [km/h];
- Average speed per operator [km/h].

Additional functions

- Legend edition for setting the ranges; 
- Zoom control ( '+' and '-' and function 'Shift' + selecting the desired area with the mouse); 
- Full-screen view; 
- Summarized report; 
- Map centralization using the 'planet' icon; 
- Show/hide legend; 
- Drawing an area.

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