4.7- Additional Features

The system has some additional features to assist in the on-screen display of the Maps, which are located on the left side of the Map. 

4.7.1- Screen Movement Tool
If you want to move the map to explore other areas, there are two options available:
1- Using the screen movement tool ;
2- Using the mouse cursor and clicking on a certain area of the map, holding the mouse button and dragging it to the desired direction.

4.7.2- Zoom Control
There are two options available in system to zoom a certain area of the map and have a better view of the details:
1- Using the zoom bar by clicking on ‘+’ to increase or in ‘-‘ to decrease. You can drag the small bar with the mouse if you want a faster expansion/reduction ;
2- Hold ‘Shift’ and drag with the mouse cursor over the area you want to expand.

4.7.3- Centralizing the Map
The map centralizing tool  allows a rapid expansion to the area in which the map records are displayed. In order to enable it, simply click on the icon above.

4.7.4- Full Screen
Click on  to view the map in full screen. Both the header and the side filters will be hidden. Press 'Esc' key to return to the standard view mode.

4.7.5- Show/Hide Legend
When generating the map, the legend pop up will be automatically displayed. In case you do not want to display it on the screen, click on   to disable/enable it.

4.7.6- Collapse button to Hide the Side Menu
It is possible to hide the filter sidebar using the collapse button . Simply click on it to hide/show it.

4.7.7- Sending URLs between users
Currently it is possible to copy the URL of a map generated and send it to another system user, so that he/she can analyze the same map, thus facilitating the communication between users. This works as long as the recipient user has the same permissions on the system.

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