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It presents information regarding the sprayed area, overlapped area and non-sprayed area for the selected period.
The highlight in this map it the possibility of viewing the area where there was no spraying through the non-sprayed area layer.
The purpose of this map is to check where spraying was overlapped in improper areas and where it was overlapped as planned.

Some important features and information regarding this map are presented below:

1- Overlapping is considered as an area or shape that has been sprayed more than once;
2- The volume of the overlapped area shall not consider the first spraying. Only the overlapped volume shall be considered;
3- Overlapping is considered as the volume sprayed in areas which have previously been sprayed in a 1 (one) day period (24 hours);
4- The union of sequential shapes is not considered as overlapping. The system must take into account the 10-second delay between the shapes to not consider it as overlapping;
5- Adjacent shapes are not intersected to avoid overlapping lines;
6- In order to generate the overlapping for late dates, it is necessary to analyze the data 24h before and after.

Rule 1: When selecting a date, if there have been overlapping in the day after the selected date for a period lower than 24h, the system will display overlap on the selected date and later date.

Rule 2: When selecting a time period whose time interval is higher than 24h, the system shall not display overlap. The areas that have been sprayed more than once in this period will be displayed in an opaque white color. 

Rule 3: On the map, it is displayed as overlapping all the area or shape that has been overlapped with different doses. The pop up corresponding to the overlapped shape must display the date and volume of the last spraying. 

Rule 4: Area which volume was sprayed more than once within a 24-hour period by different machines is not considered as overlapping.

Spraying Failure Layer
The Spraying Failure layer comprises the difference between the sprayed area and the total area. Spraying Failure Area = Delimitated Area - (Sprayed area - Overlapped area).
It is considered as Spraying Failure area, an area or part of an area/field plot that has not been sprayed.
The Spraying Failure layer shall be displayed on the map whenever there is an area/plot in that period.
The Spraying Failure layer displayed on the map takes into account the period selected in the filter and not in the combo box located to the left of the interface.

Available information in Legend

Area - displays the areas delimitations (plot, sector, farm) registered in system.
- Area [hectare].

Spraying Coverage
- Area [hectare] - total area sprayed.

Spraying Failure
- Area [hectare] - total of spraying failure.

- Area [hectare] – total overlapped area.

Available information in Report
- Total area [hectare].

Spraying Failure
- Total area [hectare].

Spray coverage
- Total duration [h: min: sec] - total time spent during spray;
- Total traveled distance [km];
- Total area [hectare];
- Total volume [L];
- Average speed [km];
- Average productivity [hectare/h];
- Average applied dose.

- Applied volume per machine [L];
- Applied area per machine [hectare];
- Applied volume per operator [L];
- Applied area per operator [hectare].

- Total area [hectare];
- Total volume [hectare].

- Overlapping area per machine [hectare];
- Overlapping area per operator [hectare].



Additional functions
- Legend edition for setting the ranges; 
- Zoom control ( '+' and '-' and function 'Shift' + selecting the desired area with the mouse); 
- Full-screen view; 
- Summarized report; 
- Map centralization using the 'planet' icon; 
- Show/hide legend; 
- Drawing an area.

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